Locking Extension Power Cords, Plug Adapters, and Splitters


IEC Data Center Power Cords Z-Lock Dual Locking Power Cords International Power Cords
c14 to c13 power cords z-lock dual locking power cords schuko cee7 to c13 power cords
Locking Plug Adapters 15A Locking Extension Cords 20A Locking Extension Cords
plug adapter cables 15a locking cords
30A Locking Extension Cords 50A Twist-Lock® Power Cords Locking to C13 and C19 Cords
30A locking extensions 50A twist lock cords l6-20P to C19
Custom PDU Whips Pendant Power Cords Twist-Lock® Wiring Devices 
pdu cables pendant drop cables twist lock wiring devices
Locking Splitter Power Cords IEC 309 Extension Power Cables IEC 60309 Wiring Devices
splitter power cords pin and sleeve cables pin and sleeve iec 309
ROJ Power Cord Whips Bulk Electrical Cable Watertight Power Cords
power whips bulk soow cable watertight cords

      Custom UL Listed Power Cords

Iron Box is a leading manufacturer and distributor of power cords for use in mission critical Data Centers, Construction Sites, OEM Manufacturing and Industrial Settings.  Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality product, service, and  turn around time, all at the lowest prices in the market.  Our specialties include custom power cord assemblies with NEMA rated locking plugs and connectors, IEC 60309 watertight pin and sleeve power cables, including Russellstoll, custom PDU cables (whips), generator power cables, and 50 Amp Twist-Lock® California standard power cables.  If you need a custom power cord not found on our site, chances are we can still make it for you and ship it out within a day.  Please give us a call or email if you need a quote, have  technical questions, or have a custom cord request.                               

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