CA Standard CS6361 to 330C4W Plug Adapter

Adapt an IEC 60309 pin and sleeve 330P4W to fit a CS6360C receptacle
SKU: IBX-0633

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  CA Standard 50A CS6361C to Pin and Sleeve 330C4W Power Cord Plug Adapter iec 309 to cs6361c


Male Plug                                         California Style 50A CS6361C        
Female Connector  IEC 60309 330C4W (Pin and Sleeve)
Amperage 30 Amps
Voltage 125V
Length 1 Foot
Conductors 3 wire
Wire Gauge 8/3
Jacket SOOW

 Technical Notes:  Uses 8/3 SOOW premium grade water/oil resistant jacket -  Ground is in the 4 O'Clock position

 Applications: Convert a pin and sleeve 330P4W plug to a CA Style 50A plug style
 For use in areas of high moisture, generators, data centers, watertight marine applications

 AKA: 330C4W Pin and Sleeve Adapter, 30A pin and sleeve power cord, CS6361C to 330C4W, CA 50A Twist Lock

 Part Number: IBX-0633

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