L15-20 Watertight Extension Cords Rated for 20A, 250V

Extension cords that use watertight L15-20 plugs and connectors and outdoor rated SJOOW water/oil resistant cable
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L15-20 Watertight Marine Extension Cords, 30A, 250V, 4-Wire 

l5-30p watertight power cord


Plug Type                        L15-20P Watertight                            
Connector Type L15-20R Watertight
Length 6, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100  (Custom Lengths Available - 24 hr. Turnaround)                  
Amperage 20 Amps
Voltage                               250V
Number of Conductors 4
Wire Gauge 12/4 AWG                                  
Jacket Type SJOOW
Temperature Rating
105º C
Color Black
Testing Tested for Voltage Hi-Potential, Continuity, and Polarity    
Certifications UL Listed

 Applications: Extend a NEMA L15-20 twist locking power cable for watertight applications

 AKA: L15-20 marine power cable, watertight L15-20 power cord, weatherproof L15-20 twist lock

Part Number: IBX-2252-XX (XX = Length)

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