320P6W to L6-30R Power Cord Plug Adapter - 20A/250V

Adapt an L6-30P locking plug to Pin and Sleeve 320P6W watertight plug
SKU: IBX-4513

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320P6W to L6-30R Plug Adapter -  20A, 250V

L6-30R to 320P6W plug adapter


Male Plug                                        320P6W  (Pin and Sleeve)             
Female Connector  NEMA Twist-Lock L6-30R
Amperage 20A
Voltage 250V
Length 1 Foot
Conductors 3 wire
Wire Gauge 12/3 
Jacket Waterproof SJOOW

 Technical Notes:  Uses yellow water resistant 10/3 SOOW premium grade jacket.  Black jacket available.

 Applications: Convert a NEMA locking L6-30P power cord plug to an IEC 60309 Pin and Sleeve 320P6W plug

 Part Number: IBX-4513

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