Hubbell L6-15R Twist-Lock® Female Connector Rated for 15A/250V


L6-15R Twist-Lock® Female Connector Rated for 15A/250V


Hubbell HBL4579C – NEMA L6-15R Twist-Lock® Connector  Rated for 15A/250V


Connector Type                        L6-15R Twist Lock                         
Amperage 15A
Voltage                               250V
Poles/Wire 2/3
Wire AWG Range 18/3 to 14/3                             
Color Black
Housing Industrial Grade Dupont Nylon
Certifications UL Listed

 Applications: Twist Lock L6-15R power cord connector mates with an L6-15P plug or inlet

 AKA: HBL 4579C, Hubbell 4579C, Hubbell L6-15R Coonnector, 15A Twist-Lock® Connector

 Part Number: HBL4579C

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