Locking to IEC C13 / C19

NEMA Plug to IEC Connector Power Cords

We manufacture and stock many different types of NEMA to IEC power cords, including both standard molded types as well as the ability to custom build UL listed cords in a very large variety of configurations.  Examples of plug types are 15A, 20A and 30A plugs to both standard and locking IEC C13, C15, and C19 connectors.  We also offer a wide variety of colors, jacket types, angled ends, and lengths as well as custom molded and hand terminated cables with very fast turn around.  Contact us for a quote or questions.

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 NEMA to IEC Server Rack Power Cords


L5-15P to C13 Power Cords L5-15P to C19 Power Cords L5-20P to C13 Power Cords
c14 to c13 pdu cords
L5-20P to C15 Power Cords L5-20P to C19 Power Cords L5-30P to C13 Power Cords
L5-30P to C15 Power Cords L5-30P to C19 Power Cords  



                               NEMA 250V Locking Plug to IEC C13, C15, C19


L6-15P to C13 Power Cords L6-15P to C19 Power Cords L6-20P to C13 Power Cords
c14 to c13 pdu cords
L6-20P to C15 Power Cords L6-20P to C19 Power Cords L6-30P to C13 Power Cords
L5-15P to C19 Power Cord
L6-30P to C15 Power Cords L6-30P to C19 Power Cords L15-30P to C13 Power Cords
L15-30P to C19 Power Cords  L21-30P to C13 Power Cords L21-30P to C19 Power Cords
460P9W to C13 460P9W to C19