NEMA 5-20P Splitter Power Cords

Iron Box manufacturers and stocks a variety of splitter power cables with NEMA 5-20P plugs broken out to various female connector types.  We also offer custom built splitter cables that may not be listed on our site.  Click below to order online call us for a quote.

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5-20 Plug Splitter Power Cables 


Plug Connectors  Amps
Voltage Wire/Jacket
Length Part Number
5-20P 5-20R x 2 20A 125V 12/3 SJT 2 Foot IBX-2725
5-20P C13 x 2 15A 125V 14/3 SJT 2 Foot IBX-2717
5-20P C13 x 3 10A 125V 18/3 SJT 10 Foot IBX-65681
5-20P C19 x 2 20A 125V 12/3 SJT 2 Foot IBX-2714
5-20P C19 x 3 20A 125V 18/3 SJT 10 Foot IBX-45005