10/5 SOOW Electrical Cable

10/5 AWG SOOW 600V portable electrical cable sold by the foot
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  10/5 SOOW Bulk Electrical Wire, 600V, Water/Oil Resistant Portable Cord

10/5 wire soow


Jacket Type                                        SOOW (Oil/Water Resistant)     
Voltage  600V
Diameter .910"
Gauge 10 AWG
Length 1' - 1000' Foot Spool
Conductors 5 wire
Ampacity 30A
Temperature Rating 90 Degree Celcius

 Technical Notes:  Premium multiconductor Flextreme brand SOOW portable cable rated to 600V
  UL Listed, CSA and RoHS certifed

 Applications: For indoor or outdoor use, tools, circuits, industrial, data centers, IT installations, generators 

 AKA: 10 5 awg electrical cable, bulk SOOW portable cord, 10 AWG rubber electrical wire

 Part Number: IBX-7214

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