Hubbell 50A Twist-Lock® Receptacles (CA Style)


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      California Style 50A Twist-Lock® Receptacles


Vendor Male Inlet
Amps Voltage  Poles/Wire
Part #
Hubbell CS6370 50A 125V  2 Pole, 3 Wire CS6370 $70.00
Hubbell CS6369 50A 125/250V  3 Pole, 4 Wire CS6369 $76.00
Hubbell CS8269 50A 250V  2 Pole, 3 Wire CS8269 $71.00
Hubbell CS8469 50A 480V  2 Pole, 3 Wire CS8469 $71.00
Hubbell CS8369 50A 250V 3 Pole, 4Wire CS8369 $77.00
Hubbell CS8169 50A 480V  3 Pole, 4 Wire CS8169 $77.00

         *Hubbell Insulgrip Twist-Lock® 50A Receptacles are UL Listed and RoHS Certifed           


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